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Fixing Gnome's Gnonsense

When some aspect of the Gnome desktop stops working at runtime, you can do alt+f2 and type "restart" to refresh the desktop without losing any of your open programs. I would say that my experience of using Ubuntu 20.04 is not as stable as Ubuntu 16.04 which felt rock-solid after doing one bit of config . But it's not really a fair comparison because I've changed hardware, desktop environment, and other programs during that time; and furthermore, my current install was Kubuntu 19.10 followed by a "dist-upgrade" that unexpectedly gave me regular Ubuntu 20.04 with all of its defaults, so it's a bit messy. Because of my messy install, I don't know how many of the problems I encounter a normal user would experience, so I won't detail them here. I don't need to do this restart trick very often, and this solution is quick and painless for the occasional buggyness. I'm not exactly bothered about accidentally gaining vanilla Ubuntu because alth

How to Host TTT

1. Download add-ons Recommended Client Add-Ons Recommended Maps Recommended Server Add-Ons 2. Allow players to connect to your machine. In your router's settings create a new port forwarding rule. Forward TCP and UDP traffic on port 27015 to your computer. Different routers have different user interfaces, so you may have to dig a little to find the options. The settings will likely be presented to you as a of external ports mapped to a range of internal ports. Unless you have to doing something special, you just want all those values to be 27015. 3. Get players to connect to your machine. In your Steam profile settings, you should allow your friends to see your online activity. (View Profile -> Privacy Settings -> Game Details) Other players should be able to see that you are in game in their friends list. And by right-clicking on you, they should be able to join your game once you have your server running. This doesn't always seem to work, so you can allo