Turn a Web Page into a Desktop Application

I can't believe how simple the whole thing turned out to be. It's literally this simple, if you have Chromium/Chrome installed.

  1. Make sure you didn't install Chromium with snap.
  2. Go to the URL you want the app to open to
  3. Ellipsis Button (...) -> "More tools" -> "Create shortcut"
    • Don't un-tick the checkbox for "Open as window"
  4. Click "Create"
  5. Copy the newly created .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications
  1. Basically the same
  2. But you'll have to look up how to put the shortcut in the all programs list
  3. I used to have on my desktop a shortcut to the all programs folder, which I used to drag and drop shortcuts into

Formerly meirl:

"Oh, what a dream that would be!"
"It's a shame so many great programs are stuck nested in a browser window."
"The Chromium button on my launcher is cramped with stuff that doesn't belong there."
"I love Alt+Tab."
"App icons make it much easier to recognise and switch to a program quickly than tiny tab screenshots, as seen during Alt+Backtick or in window spread view."
"What a shame all programs are being made with browser technologies. If they're going to do that, at least stick it in an Electron app for us."


  • https://www.cloud-coach.net/productivity/how-to-turn-any-website-into-a-desktop-app/


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